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Questions about the program

What is Life Beyond School (LBS)?

Life Beyond School is a mentorship program that supports high-potential young women with out-of-classroom knowledge that is helpful in navigating life complexities after school. Find out more about the program.

Is there any financial commitment expected of the participants?

The programme is completely free for the participants. Please note that nobody from this program will ask you to make any form of payment during the application process or the span of the mentorship program.

Will there be certificates at the end of the program?

Yes, the participants will be awarded a certificate at their successful completion of the program and its requirements.

Is the Life Beyond School Certificate suitable for a professional skill?

The LBS Programme is not an academic program nor does it certify an individual for any professional skill.

Questions about application and selection processes?

How do I apply?

Please apply via the application form on this website. Applications by email or any other means are not accepted

Can I apply if I am less than 18 years?

You can only apply for the program if you are 18 years by the end of the application year. In other words, if you are currently 17 years and you will be turning 18 years by 31st December of that application year, then you can go ahead and apply.

Can I apply if I am above 25 years?

Although the desired age bracket is 18-25 years, you can, however, go ahead and apply; exceptional applicants between 26-30 will also be considered.

I am currently studying/working abroad. Can I apply?

The LBS program is only available to female Nigerians studying in Nigeria. You can find the eligibility criteria here.

I made a mistake in my application, but I already sent it. Can I still change it?

No, unfortunately, you cannot change your application once you have sent it. Please carefully go through your application before submitting it.

My friend has received feedback, but I have not received any yet, does that mean that I was not selected?

It is possible that you receive feedback later than someone else does. Everyone will receive feedback on his or her application.

Can I access the application from my phone or tablet?

Yes, the application is mobile-friendly, so you may use it from your phone or tablet.

I do not have a computer; can I still apply for the program?

Yes, you can apply. While it is advisable that you have a personal computer for easy participation in the programme, it is not a mandatory requirement for selection.

I don’t have access to high-speed internet. Can I still complete an application?

Yes. The application system functions in low-bandwidth environments. However, remember that internet access is a compulsory requirement for participation in the program, and high-speed access is recommended.

Can I submit more than one application?

No, you may only submit one application. Submitting additional applications will disqualify you.

I have multiple email addresses, including some for personal use, and some for school and my work, which one should I use for the application?

You should enter the email address that you use most often. School or work email addresses that cannot be accessed outside your office or out of school, or that you will not be able to access if you change jobs, school, or environment, are not recommended.

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